Playwright and Director

Cynthia VonOrthal


Tiffany Lange

Sound Design

Paul von Mertens

Set Design

Karen Hoffman

Lighting Design

Michael Reed

Prop Design

Deb Lindell

Puppet Design

Cynthia VonOrthal
Tiffany Lange


Laura Shatkus

(Gay Martini)

Craig Dingle

(Jack Blahute)

Rosie Newton

(Babs Blahute)

Erik Wagner

(Harm Martini)

Andrew D. Marikis

(Scooter Martini)

Tiffany Lange

(Sin Blahute)

Jill Frederickson

(Gram and Lucille Schwartz)

Kathryn Daniels

(Cookie Swanson)

Frank R. Sjodin

(Shep Swanson)

Katie Jones

(Sully Martini and Skipper Blahute)

Susan Cane

(Pinky Blahute, Mad Martini and Judy Jodi)

Gerry Sheahan

(Buster Martini)

Mitch Salm

(Firetruck and male understudy)

Cynthia VonOrthal

(Female understudy)


The West Stage at the Raven Theatre Complex
6157 N. Clark St.,
Chicago, IL 60660

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